Trina Pulliam, President, started Trainnovations in 1995 and has extensive experience working with industry and government. She possesses the ability to quickly access the training needs of business, organizations, or communities.  She is an innovative developer of programs to impact on leadership, strategy, workers’ knowledge, skills, and behaviors to maximize both organizational and workforce performance.  Her focus is to build capability, capacity, and sustainability for organizations of all types and sizes. Trina’s experience in a variety of businesses and industries has served her needs as an educator and allowed her to impact both organizations and people.  She has owned a retail firm, manufacturing company, and services organization.  Trina is a Baldrige Examiner with 7 years experience and Florida Sterling Lead Examiner with 10 years experience.  Trina has a BS degree in economics from the University of Florida.

My purpose is to accomplish meaningful work for myself and others through responsible and ethical living. I strive to model behavior that inspires innovation, learning and development and consistent performance for health and well-being.

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