Marcy Koch, Creative Director, and Facilitator worked with Trainnovations from 1998 to 2012 and enthusiastically returned in 2017. She currently functions as a change management specialist to assess, define, and drive activities to establish organizational effectiveness and sustain culture change. Other duties include:

  • Collaborate with the team, business and community leaders to develop, implement and sustain change interventions that enable culture shift and achievement of business goals to drive integration and transformation.
  • Support team to develop and deliver programs and projects spanning multiple phases; from opportunity and business case definition, through implementation and post-implementation.
  • Employ problem-solving skills and draw insights into potential client issues; diagnose route causes and craft viable solutions.  Develop change management and communication activities with stakeholders to minimize cultural barriers and resistance to change.
  • Employ relationship skills to better understand business needs; build and sustain excellent relationships at multiple levels in any organization.

I am passionate about cultural awakening and transformation knowing there are many ways to approach the journey.  It’s essential that we grow; not only for ourselves but to also create cultures that will benefit future generations.  I’m passionate about supporting others through open inquiry, deep listening, and discernment.

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