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Imagine working in an engaging culture where everyone does the right things, executes them well and likes coming into work each day. Imagine a connection to an environment of respect for others, tolerance and acceptance of diversity and experiences. Imagine a world of work where people find joy in what they do and like the people they work with. Imagine a community participating in healthy disagreements and treating each other with respect and dignity.

We can help you build teams and cultures that address key issues in today’s super-fast world of work and an ever-changing community portrait.

Trainnovations’ approach to strategic planning proves that true organizational alignment occurs through collaboration and shared purpose. Trainnovations is a true partner.

David Scott

As an educational conference planner with up to 20 speaker sessions a day to coordinate, I worry constantly.  But not about Trina!  When I have her on the agenda, I can actually relax, knowing, with 100% confidence, that she will always show up fully prepared and at the top of her game; give her presentation with all that she has; and share the most current, leading-edge material while engaging the audience, no matter how diverse, with a fun, insightful and practical learning experience each and every time!  Trina is a 5 Star Trainer in my book and also an awesome person to work with as well!

Amy Brewer

Trainnovations has done a wonderful job handling our annual training requirements with minimal assistance from staff.  It’s not often you can find a team that has the ability to deliver a message about workplace violence and anti-harassment to the entire workforce and still have employees leave with a smile on their face.

Amana Robbin HR Director for City of Deerfield Beach

The Trainnovations Team has provided invaluable assistance to the City of Fort Lauderdale in striving for a healthier work culture. The feedback from your coaching team to our community building leadership team was often constructively critical and the road to wellness remains challenging but we remain committed to lessons learned and modeling the way for all community builders.

Stanley Hawthorne Assistant City Manager for the City of Fort Lauderdale 

Promoting Performance; Perfecting Processes

Our 4 Easy Steps


By asking key questions our specialists quickly assess your objectives, direction, and level of involvement. Then we map the most effective and efficient route.


Clarity of agreement is crucial. Outcomes and deliverables are communicated, customized and clarified in the scope of services before an agreement is executed.


Using a project plan, we execute work. Flexibility to make micro-adjustments while remaining true to the scope of services ensure the design and communication continues to exceed your requirements and expectations.


Constant feedback provides information to tweak the work products before, during and after the project. Fact-based, data-driven evaluations are grounded in client perception ensuring your journey is nothing less than excellent.

Our Experience


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hours/year facilitating strategic planning


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% increase in Anti-Harassment trainings in 2018

Improve Capability and Capacity in your Organization

Imagine planning your road trip. You know where you are and where you want to go. Maps or Waze provides all the directions, alerts you about hazards and potential speed traps, and always provides you with reassurance: “you are still on the fastest route!”

Likewise, navigating to your organizational vision requires an understanding of where you’re going, being on the lookout for challenges and opportunities along the way, and a means of knowing you are still on the path to success. Trainnovations will partner with you ensure your journey to excellence makes your organization brilliant.

Start With An Assessment

Trainnovations specializes in motivating and developing people, building process efficiencies, and creating sustainability. Successful initiatives include and ensure alignment between mission, vision, values and strategic planning. Our training programs are designed to enhance and update skills to improve capability.